Jewish activists protest in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City in 2011.

    Israeli Diplomats Strike, Take Emergency Calls Only

    Israeli consular delegations told Jewish communities that consular services would be limited to emergencies because of a diplomats’ strike.

    Israel Plans To Bare Iran 'Arms Ship'

    A ship seized by the Israeli navy on suspicion of smuggling arms from Iran to the Gaza Strip docked on Saturday in Israel, which planned to put the cargo on display in hope of denting Tehran’s rapprochement with the West.

    Jewish Groups Praise Feds' New 'Kippah Rules'

    Jewish groups across the religious spectrum praised Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines on accommodating religious attire in the workplace.

    Canada Judge Orders Sect Children Returned

    A Canadian judge has ordered child protection officials to use law enforcement agencies to apprehend 14 children in the haredi Orthodox sect Lev Tahor after most of them fled the country.

    Benjamin Netanyahu Concedes 'Some Settlements' Will Be Uprooted

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would give up “some settlements” in occupied Palestinian land to help secure a peace agreement but would limit as much as he could the number of enclaves removed.