Jewish Groups Slam Israel 'Jail' for African Immigrants

    An array of U.S. Jewish groups urged Israel’s government to introduce refugee asylum reforms, saying that a major holding facility was indistinguishable from a jail.

    Oleg Bolychev

    Putin Ally Blames Jews for Russia's Woes

    A local politician from the party of Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Jews of destroying Russia.

    Spain Citizenship for Sephardic Jews 'Automatic' — No Discretion

    The conferring of Spanish citizenship to Sephardic Jews will be automatic and independent of the government’s discretion, the country’s justice minister told a delegation of American Jews.

    Britain Moves To Protect Unemployed for Shabbat

    Britain issued guidelines to ensure that Sabbath-observant Jews are not denied unemployment benefits for refusing to work on Saturdays.

    African Immigrants Wait for Change in 'Open' Israeli Desert Prison

    A compound of one-storey buildings deep in the southern Israeli desert is now home to some 400 African migrants who face the prospect of being held in custody indefinitely.