Bulgaria Jews Fight Parade for Anti-Semitic General Hristo Lukov

    A Jewish group and a liberal party in Bulgaria have condemned a march to honor an anti-Semitic general from the 1930s.

    Slain Pittsburgh Jewish School Aide Susan Wolfe Seen on Bus With Mystery Man

    A slain Pittsburgh Jewish day school teacher’s aide was spotted riding a bus home with a man the night before her body was found along with her pediatrician sister, police said.

    Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Warn: No Israeli Soldier Costumes for Purim

    The head of a haredi Orthodox group has called on parents to prevent their children from dressing up as Israeli soldiers for Purim, citing tension over the drafting of yeshiva students.

    Samantha Power Pushing for Israel's Place on The U.N. Security Council

    Samantha Power, the U.S. envoy to the United Nations, recommitted to securing Israel a tour on the U.N. Security Council after assisting its entry to a U.N. regional group.

    An Orthodox Jewish woman takes in some sun in Miami.

    South Florida's Jewish Community Grows Beyond Its Retirees

    Now the third-largest Jewish metro area in the U.S., South Florida is home to one of America’s most diverse and unusual Jewish communities.