No Baby: A Mexican state government has banned outlandish or offensive names for children, including Hitler.

    'Baby Hitler' Banned by Mexican State

    What’s in a name? In northwestern Mexico, officials say potentially a lifetime of bullying, so parents in the state of Sonora can no longer opt to name their children Scrotum, Terminator, USNAVY or Facebook.

    Morocco Synagogue Gets Spruce Up

    An historic synagogue in Essaouira, Morocco is to be refurbished in a joint project with the German Foreign Ministry.

    Sheldon Adelson Website Hacked by Israel Foes

    The website of a casino operator owned by Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson was hacked by unidentified vandals who criticized his support for Israel.

    Donald Duck Arab Voice Fired for 'Death to Israel' Tweet

    An Egyptian radio host who calls himself the official voice of Donald Duck on Disney Middle East was fired after sending anti-Israel tweets.

    European Union Leader Lands in Israel Hot Water ? Over Water Claim

    The visiting president of the European parliament landed in hot water in Israel on Wednesday, drawing a public rebuke from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over an address to the Israeli legislature.