Adelson Casino Company’s Website Back Online After Hack

    The websites of the casino operation owned by Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson went back online, a week after they were hacked by unidentified vandals who criticized his support for Israel.

    Baptism of Fire: Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity and driven out of Spain, much like Sephardic Jews. So they ask why they shouldn?t also qualify for citizenship.

    Muslims Demand Same Spain Return Right as Sephardic Jews

    Spanish Muslims urged their government to grant citizenship to descendants of Muslims who were expelled from Spain in addition to Jews.

    Bulgaria Asked To Ban Sale of Nazi Mementoes

    Israel’s ambassador in Sofia asked Bulgarian authorities to ban the sale of Nazi memorabilia.

    AIPAC Readies Push on Iran and Peace Talks

    The agenda for thousands of American Israel Public Affairs Committee activists who will meet with lawmakers next month includes Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Israeli-Palestinian talks.

    Immigration to Israel From North America Stays Steady in 2013

    The Jewish Agency and Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption issued revised figures for aliyah from North America for 2013.