Place of Grief: A woman mourns at the site of a Nazi concentration camp in Belgrade.

    Serbian Holocaust Restitution Deadline Looms

    Families of Serbian Jewish victims of the Holocaust have until March 1 to file claims for property restitution.

    Will Boca Raton's Shaarei Kodesh Synagogue Get $3M From Disputed Will?

    A South Carolina court will decide the fate of a $3 million bequest to a merged synagogue in Boca Raton, Fla.

    Through a Car Window, Darkly: Sigmund Freud arrives in London in 1938.

    Sigmund Freud's Ashes Targeted by Thieves at London Crematorium

    Thieves have tried to steal an ancient Greek urn containing the ashes of psychoanalysis founder Sigmund Freud, leaving the container severely damaged, police said on Wednesday.

    New Tut? A research team has uncovered the skeleton of a previously unknown pharoah named King Senebkay.

    3,600-Year-Old Pharoah's Skeleton Found in Egypt

    Archaeologists in Egypt believe they have discovered the remains of a previously unknown pharaoh who reigned more than 3,600 years ago.

    Caleb Jacoby, Son of Jewish Boston Globe Columnist, Ran Away From Home, Police Say

    Jewish teenager Caleb Jacoby, whose disappearance last week launched a massive search effort and went viral on social media, ran away from home on his own, the Brookline Police Department confirmed.