Pope Francis, Celebrating First Christmas, Asks for Peacemaking Worldwide

    Pope Francis, celebrating his first Christmas as leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, on Tuesday urged people to shun pride and selfishness and open up their hearts to God and their fellow man.

    Boston Transit Agency Wins Court Battle Over Anti-Islam Ad

    A federal judge ruled that the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority had the right to reject a pro-Israel subway advertisement.

    Sheldon Adelson Scoops $15B To Top Forbes List

    Casino magnate and billionaire Sheldon Adelson topped Forbes annual list of the biggest wealth gainers in 2013.

    Gaza Christmas: Palestinian girl waits to attend church in Gaza city as preparations for holiday shift into gear across the Holy Land.

    Christmas Comes to Holy Land

    Thousands of tourists and pilgrims gathered in Bethlehem on the West Bank as midnight approached on Christmas Eve.

    French Jewish Vigilantes Charged With Attacks

    French police arrested six Jews they believe staged vigilante attacks against suspected anti-Semites.