Deterioration: The condition of Ariel Sharon, shown here in a 2005 photo, has deteriorated as he suffers from kidney failure.

    Ariel Sharon's Condition Deteriorates

    The condition of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has deteriorated and he is suffering from kidney failure.

    Israel Is America's No. 6 Favorite Country

    Israel is the sixth favorite country of American citizens, a survey found.

    Step to Pluralism: Rabbis from the reform movement, of which Rabbi Rick Jacobs is leader, has received Israeli government salaries for the first time.

    Israel Pays 4 Reform Rabbis for First Time

    Israeli government money was transferred for the first time to the Reform Movement in Israel to pay the salaries of four community Reform rabbis.

    John Kerry Hopes To Narrow Gap as Peace Talks Set To Intensify

    Secretary of State John Kerry hopes to narrow differences between Israelis and Palestinians in peace talks this week that are intended to guide the sides toward a deal in April, a senior State Department official said on Tuesday.

    106 Israeli Lawmakers Demand Action on Jonathan Pollard

    A petition signed by 106 Knesset members calling for the release of Jonathan Pollard, held in a U.S. prison for over 28 years for spying for Israel, was presented to Israeli President Shimon Peres.