Long Island Man Charged in 'Knockout' Attacks

    A suburban New York City man was arrested for allegedly assaulting seven men in so-called knockout game attacks.

    Close Bond: Jacob Ostreicher?s wife, Miriam, watches as actor Sean Penn testified earlier this year at a Congressional hearing on the Hasidic businessman?s imprisonment in Bolivia.

    Sean Penn Hosts Freed Hasidic Businessman Jacob Ostreicher

    Actor Sean Penn told the Associated Press that he is with Jacob Ostreicher, the New York businessman held in Bolivia since 2011 who returned to the United States this week.

    Rabbi Motti Elon Gets Slap on Wrist for Sex Abuse

    Rabbi Mordechai “Motti” Elon, an Israeli Modern Orthodox leader, was sentenced to six months of community service for his conviction on two charges of sexually assaulting a minor.

    Richard Wagner Protestor Clashes With Organizer of Jerusalem Symposium

    A crazed Israeli protester, angered that a symposium on Tuesday focussed on Richard Wagner, Adolf Hitler’s favourite composer, disrupted a public discussion at a Jerusalem concert hall before police removed him.

    Canadian Jewish News Names Yoni Goldstein As New Editor

    The Canadian Jewish News named a former columnist as its new editor following a five-month search and after reversing its decision to shut down.