Independent Rabbinical Court Addressing Agunot To Be Launched Next Year

    A new independent rabbinical court to address the issue of agunot, so-called “chained women” whose husbands refuse to give them a religious writ of divorce, will be launched next year.

    Texas Lawmakers Defend Christmas Celebrations in Schools

    Texas lawmakers sent notices to schools on Monday informing them that new legislation allows students and teachers to dress in festive garb and say “Merry Christmas” all they want without fear of punishment.

    Bob Filner Sentenced to Home Confinement and Three Years Probation

    Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who resigned amid sexual harassment accusations, was sentenced to three months of home confinement and three years probation for acts against three women.

    U.K. Warning Business Community To Steer Clear of With West Bank

    The British government is warning the business community to steer clear of Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

    Israel, Jordan and P.A. Sign 'Two Seas Canal' Water Pipeline Agreement

    Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement to lay a pipeline between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea that will provide all three with fresh water.