Pope Francis Praises Jewish Ties in New Missive

    Pope Francis’s renewed commitment to fostering relations between Catholics and Jews and condemning anti-Semitism has drawn praise.

    Chabad Builds 15,000 Menorahs Worldwide

    Chabad-Lubavitch said it has erected more than 15,000 large public menorahs in cities throughout the world for Hanukkah.

    Al Chernin

    Al Chernin, Soviet Jewry Advocate, Dies

    Albert Chernin, executive vice chairman emeritus of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs who helped lead the Soviet Jewry movement, has died.

    Kosher Slaughter Gets New Hearing in Poland

    The Polish Constitutional Tribunal has accepted for review an appeal by the Polish Jewish Community on the delegitimization of shechitah.

    Alan Gross Wife Plans New Freedom Push for Jew Held in Cuba

    Alan Gross’ wife and Washington’s Jewish community will call on President Obama to make a priority of securing his release from a Cuban jail on the fourth anniversary of his imprisonment.