Catching Gefilte Fish in the Wild

BACKWARD: For years, I’ve served nothing but wild-caught gefilte fish at my Seder. But it’s gotten so expensive!

'MikiLeaks' Reveals New NSA Spying Scandal

BACKWARD: Rabbi Barry Freundel, who has pled guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism, has revealed that he was recruited as part of a government surveillance program called ‘MikiLeaks.’


American Snipper: The Fastest Mohel in U.S. History

BACKWARD: You’ve heard of ‘American Sniper,’ but what about ‘American Snipper’? Meet the fastest mohel in U.S. history.

The Amazing Grace of Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy was more than a ‘Star Trek’ icon. He was a photographer, an enthusiast of Jewish literature and a great friend. Stephen B. Shepard offers an appreciation.

Of Rosanne Barr, King David Kalakaua and 9 Other Things About Jewish Hawaii

Some Hawaiian Jews became friends with the king, others served in the IDF. The members of the tribe in Aloha State are a diverse bunch.

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