Ivanka Trump Sparks #Kugelgate by Grabbing Jamie Geller’s Broccoli Recipe

Ivanka Trump’s “family favorite” recipe for broccoli kugel is a word-for-word copy of an older recipe by a well-known Jewish cookbook author.


How Should We Feel About Natalie Portman Getting a Christmas Tree?

Nervous assimilation-humor is a grand Jewish tradition. And yet.


Here’s How Israel Is Creatively Wooing Indian and Chinese Tourists

The Israeli government — keen to tap into a growing Asian middle class who are armed with passports and eager to explore the globe — has thrown its weight behind a number of creative efforts to promote Israel as a destination for tourists from India and China.

Forward Looking Back

Remembering Charles Lindbergh’s Nazi sympathies is chilling.

Would You Try This 220-Year-Old Canadian Jewish Beer?

The brew is based on a handwritten recipe from the 1790s that was made by a prominent Jewish family that had a brewery.

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