Did Woody Allen Predict Donald Trump in ‘Bananas’?

Woody Allen reconciles conflicting post-election desires in the film “Bananas,” an early ‘70’s farce on authoritarianism, infotainment and leftwing activism.


‘She Loves Me’ Hits The Screen, And 8 Other Things To Read, Watch, And Do This Week

Whether you love musicals, soul-searching journalism, or Mel Brooks, we have the right pick for you.

WATCH: Samantha Bee Plays Most Depressing Jewish Board Game Of All Time

Nothing says “good times” like a board gamed based on Spain’s expulsion of the Jews, right?

Ann Coulter Spoke at White Nationalist Writers Workshop

During the event, Coulter confirmed that the Trump campaign requested an advanced copy of her book.

WATCH TONIGHT: U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Pays Tribute To Elie Wiesel

Will a charged political environment change the way we think about Wiesel’s legacy?

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