Why Jewish Feminism Should Embrace, Not Fear, Intersectionality

If there is a valid Jewish critique to be had, it’s not of too much intersectionality but too little.


Will Melania Trump’s Inauguration Dress Be Designed by This Clinton Supporter?

There have been mixed reactions from A-list fashion designers on whether they would dress Melania Trump.

No Java for You! Israel Warns of Lead in Ubiquitous Cafe Coffee Machines

Israeli coffee lovers were warned by the Health Ministry to avoid java from cafes, where coffee machines have higher than normal lead traces.

6 Sustaining Jewish Snacks to Make for a March

From warming soup to sweet-and-spicy nuts, from hearty granola to nutrient-packed cookies, here’s what to prepare and pack for Saturday.


A Second Coming for Jesus — at the Israel Museum

In a provocative new exhibit in Israel, Jesus is used to symbolize Jews in the Holocaust, Palestinians, refugees and more.

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