All Fun, No Fuss Doughnuts

Sometimes there’s not enough time in the day to make sufganiyot from scratch. No worries! Here’s a shortcut that’s fun, easy and extremely delicious.

The Jewish Story Behind the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank

Today’s arguments about restricting the power of the U.S. Federal Reserve are anything but new. In fact they go back more than a hundred years to the vision of a German-Jewish immigrant named Paul Warburg.


How I Learned Shiva

Forty-one years ago, Samuel G. Freedman was sitting shiva for his mother when a surprising visitor came to call. But it was only much later that he learned what that shiva call meant and why it mattered.


Painting the Commandments, All 613 of Them

For years, artist Archie Rand has been talking about illustrating every single commandment in the Jewish bible. The result is a massive new book and an upcoming exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

Meet April Baskin, the Multiracial Face of Reform Judaism

To meet April Baskin is to see the change in American Jewry personified. A tall, confident, 32-year-old with an impressive mane of curly hair and a wide smile, the self-described “multiracial Jewish woman of color” is the newest executive in the Reform Jewry movement.

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