Olive Oil Expertise from a Pro

For Maia Hirschbein, olive oil is a vein that runs through all her interests, from food to Judaism. And it all started two years ago in a Tuscan olive grove.

Maia's Mom's Challah with Olive Oil

When an olive-oil expert’s mother switched to high-quality extra-virgin olive oil in her cooking, her challah was transformed.

Return of a Classic: The legacy of Louis Ginzberg’s “Legends of the Jews” is discussed in a new volume edited by Galit Hasan-Rokem and Ithamar Gruenwald.

Reconsidering Louis Ginzberg's Legendary 'Legends of the Jews'

Louis Ginzberg is famous for his six-volume ‘Legends of the Jews.’ A critical assessment demonstrates the continuing appeal of the Talmudist and his works.

Triple Jeopardy: Accusations against Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi and Woody Allen got a second life on social media.

The Year Spin Doctors Lost Control of the Spin

From Gaza to Woody Allen, there were fewer and fewer ways to make the world seem OK in 2014. Anya Ulinich asks if this was the year the spin doctors finally lost control.

A Jewish couple in this suburban Paris neighborhood was targeted in a violent home invasion robbery and rape.

Suspect No. 4 Arrested in Paris Home Invasion Rape

French police arrested a man they suspect was involved in the rape and robbery of a Jewish family in a Paris suburb.