Exploring the Pickle's Storied Past

In honor of National Pickle Day, Michael Kaminer plumbs the depths of pickle lore — and its historic ties to Jews in the Old Country.

7 Jewish Things About Pickles

Ever wonder what’s Jewish about pickles? Try everything! On the day of the gherkin, Michael Kaminer marinates up some facts about our favorite fermented food.

Joined Together: Artist Amy Reichert uses Jewish ritual objects, like these cups, to explore biblical and talmudic stories.

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Tired of dreary Judaica museum exhibitions? Amy Reichert’s artwork is refreshingly different, as she ‘re-looks’ at familiar ritual objects.

Sorry Jon Stewart, Don't Quit Your Day Job

‘Rosewater’ is a solid movie. There is some fine acting and strong imagery. But Anna Goldenberg writes that the main thing missing from Jon Stewart’s directing debut is, well, Jon Stewart.