A Bunch Of Canadian Albert Einstein Look-Alikes Just Broke A Guinness World Record

One person dressed as Albert Einstein is a lovable eccentric, two are liable to draw jokes about disruptions in the time-space continuum, and 404 are something to positively celebrate.

You Must Watch This New Film On The Armenian Genocide, Whether It’s Any Good Or Not

“The Promise,” a new film on the Armenian Genocide by director Terry George and starring Oscar Isaac, is an important story that must be told.


When Polish Intellectuals Thrived in Pre-State Israel

During World War II, non-Jewish Polish writers stationed in Palestine drew their imagery and symbols from the land’s scenery and Jewish way of life.

Kosher Pizza War Simmers On After Brooklyn Rabbis Rule

There’s a kosher pizza war being waged in the heart of Hasidic Brooklyn — and a Jewish religious court has laid down a Solomonic decision about how the pie is going to be sliced.

Matzo Ball Throwdown! Sinkers Vs. Floaters

We created a Twitter poll to determine whether people favored “sinkers” or “floaters” — and the results are in.

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