Eagerly Awaiting Adam Sandler’s Next Version of “The Chanukah Song”

While we eagerly await the next version of Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song,” here’s a video of the previous iteration, released around this time last year.

Three Crazy Ways That Israelis Have Desecrated Their Flag

Earlier yesterday morning, Donald Trump tweeted that he would like to outlaw the burning of the American flag. We wrote an article about the tweet that detailed the long and unsuccessful history of American flag burning legislation as well as the Israeli flag desecration laws and their recent ramp up in severity (among other changes, the penalty for desecrating the flag has jumped from a one year maximum to a three year maximum).

Natalie Portman Is Getting Her First Christmas Tree — and Fulfilling ‘Every Jew’s Secret Wish’

“It’s kind of every Jew’s like secret wish to have a Christmas tree,” she said.


What’s the Word of 2016? Hint: It’s Not Mishegas

Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Charles Blow have been talking a lot of mishegas lately. But that’s not necessarily the word of the year.

Bernie Sanders and Sarah Silverman Agree: Donald Trump-Induced Misery Loves Company

Bernie Sanders presented his book “Our Revolution” during an event with comedian Silverman. They spoke about the election, Trump and how to continue the revolution.

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