20 French Theaters Blasted for Hosting 'Quenelle' Comic Dieudonne

The umbrella group of French Jewish communities condemned 20 theaters that plan to host the overtly anti-Semitic one-man show of comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.

Spanish University Pulls Exhibit With Bogus Ariel Sharon Quotes

A public university in Madrid dismantled an exhibition that attributed false quotes about killing Palestinian children to Ariel Sharon.

Learning to Conquer My Daughter's OCD — And My Own

Abby Sher, who has lived with obsessive-compulsive disorder her entire life, was terrified when her infant daughter began developing similar tendencies.

Chaos Reigns: Pro-Russia militant roams terminal in Donetsk Airport, where the Jewish Agency mounted a rescue operation last summer to get two families awaiting aliyah to another city.

Ukraine Jews Get Fast-Track Aliyah

Israel implemented special procedures to speed up the immigration process for people with Jewish origins from Ukraine’s conflict zones.

Even Joe Biden Can't Screw This Up

Vice President Joe Biden will assist in the lighting this year of the Hanukkah menorah on the ellipse in front of the White House.