Your Jewish Guide to the 2015 Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards: an excuse for you to up your cocktail game, grab your fuzzy slippers and settle in for a night of judging celebrities as they walk down the red carpet. We’ve got the list of Jews to root for.


Beekeeping Is Honey of a Hobby for New Jersey Rabbi

As Jews around the world celebrate Rosh Hashanah, this beekeeper’s job takes on a sweeter significance.

Jewish King of Latin TV Says 'Adios' After 53 Years

On Saturday, the Spanish language television network Univision will host the final broadcast of ‘Sábado Gigante,’ the world’s longest-running variety show. What’s next for Don Francisco?

Sarah and Hagar's 'Bad Blood' Is Feminism Gone Awry

In the Bible, Sarah and Hagar’s relationship is a feminist failure. Susan Reimer-Torn asks if this narrative, read during the Days of Awe, can spur her to forgive the feminist rivals in her own life? .


When Your Mother is the Enemy

How filmmaker Gayle Kirshenbaum learned to forgive her emotionally abusive mother and in doing so created a movement.

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