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Who Still Makes Gefilte Fish?

Whitefish finally in hand, it’s time to make the gefilte fish. Thinkstock

Gefilte Tofu With Horseradish and Beet Relish

Gefilte Tofu With Fresh Horseradish and Beet Relish from “Vegan Holiday Cooking from Candle Café. Photography © 2014 by Jim Franco

Chopped “Liver”

Photography © 2014 by Jim Franco

Jewish Tastes Put to Cruel Test

Video by BuzzFeedYellow

Taste the Real Quenelle

The first time I heard that Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala had adopted the “quenelle” as his trademark, my first thought was that the controversial French comedian had a strange affinity for fish.

That’s because a quenelle, in my mind, refers not to an anti-Semitic inverted Nazi salute, but to a delicious dish from the south of France. A specialty from Lyon, the quenelle is a dumpling-like mixture of minced fish (usually pike) or meat, combined with breadcrumbs, seasoning, butter and eggs, then rolled, poached and served with sauce (often lobster or crayfish-based, replace with dill or red pepper sauce for a kosher alternative).

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Share the Bounty