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Peanut Butter Gelt Cookies for Hanukkah

Photograph by Deborah R. Prinz

Time to Make the Doughnuts

Photograph by Gayle L. Squires

Splendid Sufganiyot, Step by Step

Photographs by Gayle L. Squires

Edible Gifts: Infused Oils

Image: Katherine Martinelli

The best kind of Hanukkah gifts are those you can make and your friends eat. In this series, we’ll present four sweet and savory ideas to spice up your holiday gift giving for everyone on your list.

A Very Sussman Hanukkah

As anyone who has ever stood sweating and swearing in front of a spitting-hot pan of oil knows, the Hanukkah tradition of making latkes is hard work. It requires skill, patience, and a well-developed sense of humor. Luckily, Max and Eli Sussman, brothers and chefs living and cooking in Brooklyn, have all three — and they are willing to share.

Image: Alex Farnum

Share the Bounty

Share the Bounty