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A Christmas Story — With Latkes

Lior Zaltzman

Geltwich Ice Cream Sandwich Rules in Portland

The Geltwich, an ice cream sandwich created by Jared Goodman for his Hanukkah pop-up. Photograph by Jared Goodman

8 Nights of Food Gifts: Preserving Holiday Spirit

Orange marmalade flavored with 10-year-old whisky. Photographs courtesy of Blake Hill Preserves

Making Gold-Dusted Gelt with Eliot Glazer

The other day I came across a link on Tablet to a Munchies video of comedian Eiot Glazer in a kitchen, wearing an apron and making gold-dusted Hanukkah gelt. The gelt looked really good, and Glazer’s banter was a hoot — take a look. (Start paying attention to the video close to the 1½-minute mark — trust me on this.)

8 Nights of Food Gifts: Someone Else's Sufganiyot

Photograph courtesy of Breads Bakery

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