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Hamantaschen Plus Math Equals Mathmataschen!

Photograph by Deborah Gardner

The Perfect Purim Cocktail, Named for Esther

Since she can’t rename the holiday itself, our columnist comes up with a cocktail to honor her Purim heroine. Presenting… The Esther. Photograph by Liza Schoenfein.

Chocolate Hamantaschen Filled With Serious Fun

The author wondered why chocolate was usually left out of the dough of a classic Purim treat. Photograph by Tami Ganeles/Weiser/The Weiser Kitchen.

Chocolate-Chili Hamantaschen With Dulce de Leche Filling

Sweet, creamy dulce de leche — a rich Latino caramel — is a wonderful counterpoint to chocolate’s slightly bitter edge. The warmth of ground chilies hits the palate last. This is a great cookie for adventurous eaters. Photograph by Tami Ganeles-Weiser/The Weiser Kitchen.

Chocolate-Nutella Halvah Hamantaschen

Chocolate and halvah are a perfect pairing, and this cookie, fudgy and rich, is as delicious as it sounds. Photograph by Tami Ganeles/Weiser/The Weiser Kitchen.

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Share the Bounty