At Kosher Feast, Fried Locusts for Dessert

At the Eucalyptus, a restaurant just outside Jerusalem’s Old City walls, 250 Orthodox Jews gathered in late July to learn Talmud and to discover what meat-and-milk tastes like.

Name Game: How Traditional Is The Conservative Movement?

What’s in a name? Lately, that age-old question has become a burning issue for leaders of Conservative Judaism.


Israeli Feminists Debate Rape Charge

Feminist groups in Israel find themselves divided over a recent court ruling on rape that liberal groups condemn as tainted with racism.


Small Blast Damages a Swedish Synagogue

A local Jewish leader reported that fears and tensions were rising in his community in Malmo, Sweden, after a small explosive device went off at the door of the local synagogue early on the morning of July 23.

Six Degrees Of Tour de France

It turns out that the world’s most famous bicycle race, the Tour de France that just completed its 2010 run, has an unlikely origin: It was a direct result of the notorious Dreyfus Affair.

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