Obama Muslim Fears Gone But Israel Anxieties Remain

Four years ago, Florida Jews fretted that Barack Obama might be Muslim. Those concerns are rarely heard, replaced by worries about his Israel policy.

Finding Voice, Romney Pounds Gingrich

Mitt Romney found his voice in Florida and got a big win to prove it. He’s the frontrunner again and he’s got another chance to turn out the lights on his opponents.

No Paean to Palestinian Terror

Right-wing Israelis accuse Knesset member Ahmad Tibi of glorifying suicide bombers. He insists he praises civilians killed by Israeli forces.

Little Focus on Jews as Florida Votes

Florida Republican voted Tuesday after a campaign in which the candidates paid scant attention to the state’s 500,000-strong Jewish community.

Syrian Exiles Push For U.S. Action

Disunited and unskilled in the ways of Washington, exiled Syrian dissidents are urging the Obama administration to take an active role in supporting the opposition.

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