Oliver Stone Says ‘Sorry’

Maybe he’s not such an expert on natural born killers, after all.


Solomon’s Temple To Be Rebuilt...in São Paulo?

Three times each day, strictly observant Jews pray for the rebuilding of the Temple. Their prayers have been answered. Well, sort of. King Solomon’s Temple, which was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BCE, is finally going to be rebuilt — in São Paulo.


Remembering Daniel Schorr

If at the point of a gun someone was forced to divide the army of American journalists into just two battalions, one would be made up of steadfastly dispassionate, if slightly less charismatic, reporters, and the other of ardent crusaders. Daniel Schorr would have lined up with the second battalion.

From Cowboy Hats to Black Hats

Imagine the scene: Four bearded rabbis sit for hours round a table, swaying before their open volumes of the Talmud, debating whether a Jew who owns a gate tower near the entrance to his mansion is required to hang a mezuza on it. A synagogue in Brooklyn’s Boro Park? Lakewood, N.J.? No, it’s a kollel (Talmudic institute) in Dallas.


The Sisterhood 50

The Forward has selected 50 of the most influential women rabbis in America, plus five in Israel, for this inaugural Sisterhood 50 list. These women span generations and the denominational spectrum; they are pulpit rabbis, teachers, academics, pastoral caregivers and organizational leaders.

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