Is Orthodoxy on Brink of Historic Schism?

The ordination of Orthodox female religious leaders is only one manifestation of the growing split in the movement. Will it end with a formal division of the faith?


Faigy Mayer's Brave Life and Shocking Death

Faigy Mayer was brave enough to leave the Hasidic world and build the facade of a normal life. What does her inner torment and suicide tell those who have traveled the same path — and the rest of us?


Is Love Winning in the Israel-Iran Social Media Wars?

While Israelis from left to right lamented the Iran nuclear deal, Ronny Edry spoke directly to Iranians. ‘We’re coming for Shabbat,’ he proclaimed on his controversial - but popular - ‘Israel-Loves-Iran’ Facebook page.


Closing Arguments Made in New Square Hasidic Abuse Trial

Did a respected Hasidic educator shamelessly abuse a boy for five years — or is his accuser a liar? A judge will decide after both sides made their closing arguments in a riveting trial.


13 Undecided Democrats To Watch on the Iran Deal

Now that a nuclear deal with Iran has been brokered, the drama has moved to Congress. All eyes are on Chuck Schumer — but here are 12 other Democrats who could determine whether the Senate blocks the agreement.

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