When May a Rabbi Use the Words of Others?

Rabbi Steven Wernick, the leader of Judaism’s Conservative movement, has admitted using the words of two prominent rabbis in his own work. But is it really wrong?


Zev Yaroslavsky Won't Enter Mayoral Fray

Zev Yaroslavsky, the Los Angeles County Supervisor and longtime Southern California political force, has announced he will not enter the 2013 race for mayor of Los Angeles.

Laughs Aside, Junkets Raise Serious Issues

Late-night comics had a field day with revelations of skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee during a congressional junket. But the escapades raised serious issues about the trips.


Meet the Jewish Mister Softee

With his kosher ice cream (and sprinkles) plus a special jingle, Yaniv Bazel wins over plenty of pint-sized fans in Brooklyn’s Orthodox neighborhoods.


Ex-AIPAC Flack to Head The Israel Project

The Israel Project, known for advocacy with a velvet glove, is set to name ex-AIPAC’er Josh Block as CEO, presaging big changes in style and substance.

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