David Twersky, Political Journalist and Peace Activist, Dies at 60

David Twersky, a prominent Zionist activist, political journalist and peace advocate in Israel and America, died July 16 after a long illness. He was 60.

Presbyterians Tone Down Report On Israel After Jewish Lobbying

Ask Pete Bloss why he worked against resolutions critical of Israel at the general assembly of the largest Presbyterian group in the United States, and the Gulfport, Miss., resident speaks more about Hurricane Katrina than about Israeli policy.


A Brooklyn Boxer Humbled, Not Down for the Count

When he speaks about the future of his boxing career, Dmitriy Salita gets a look of pure intensity in his otherwise mournful brown eyes. All the greatest boxers have this stare, a perfect distillation of concentration and discipline and total faith in the strength of their own arms. But in Salita, it is also the look of a man convincing himself that there is a future for him in the sport. Seven months have passed since his humiliating loss in England to Amir Khan — the first defeat of his professional career — when he was knocked down three times in the first 76 seconds of the match. He has not faced another opponent in the ring since.


Anger Over Arrest at Kotel Of Woman Carrying Torah

The recent arrest of a woman carrying a Torah at the Western Wall is testing already tense relations between the ultra-Orthodox and other Jewish groups over issues of religious pluralism in Israel. It has also prompted accusations that Israel’s national police force is attempting to reinterpret a Supreme Court ruling on women’s prayer at Judaism’s holiest site.

IDF Recognizes Help From Israeli Human Rights Group

When Israeli human rights groups accused the Israel Defense Forces of wrongdoing in the Gaza operation of 2008–9, many Israelis angrily defended the army and accused the critics of betraying their country. But the army has just voiced gratitude to one of the groups.

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