Israel Moves To Shut Down Demonstrations Against Security Barrier

Palestinian activist Mohammed Khatib, who has been leading weekly protests against the path of Israel’s security barrier through his home village, Bil’in, was arrested last night in a pre-dawn raid.

Confrontation: Israeli soldiers grab an activist during a weekly protest at Bil?in. Palestinians say demonstrators peacefully resist, while Israelis contend that violent riots often occur.

Israelis To Move Security Barrier At Site of Palestinian Protests

Two-and-a-half years after a Supreme Court order, Israel’s army is preparing to adjust the route of the long security barrier it has constructed on the West Bank at a key flashpoint where a fence cuts off Palestinian villagers from their own land.

Common Ground: Jewish and Latino activists talked about their immigration experiences and looked for ways to work together in a roundtable discussion held January 10 in Durham, N.C.

Immigration Debate Prompts Growing Jewish-Latino Ties

Even as health care reform twists in the wind, immigration policy looms as the next big political debate — and Hispanics and Jews are moving to the forefront in a burgeoning political alliance.


Embassy Letter on Kotel Rubs Salt in the Wound

An Israeli embassy effort to address the concerns of non-Orthodox Jewish leaders regarding the treatment of some worshippers at Jerusalem’s Western Wall has instead inflamed many of them.

Seal of Approval: Rabbi Morris Allen leads the Hekhsher Tzedek effort.

Obey Civil Law, Say New Orthodox Kosher Rules

The crimes that brought down the Agriprocessors kosher meat company and could put its owner, Sholom Rubashkin, in jail for life, still reverberate. An echo was heard in the Rabbinical Council of America’s January 21 announcement establishing a set of ethical guidelines for how agencies supervising kosher food production should behave beyond ensuring that the laws of kashrut are observed.