Ultra-Orthodox Jews Spread Into Once-Black Brooklyn Neighborhoods

The explosive growth of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish population is forcing them to spread to traditionally black and Latino neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

Haneen Zoabi, Israeli Lawmaker, Is Reviled by Jews — and Adored by Arabs

Haneen Zoabi is the Arab lawmaker Israel loves to hate. Despite — or perhaps because of — the attention lavished on her, she is adored by her Palestinian constituents.


Synagogue Damaged, Jewish Service Interrupted as Meteorite Strikes Russia

A Russian town is cleaning up after a meteorite crashed to earth, injuring more than 1,000 people. It also damaged a local synagogue while congregants were praying.


Beit Shemesh, Israel's Town of Ultra-Orthodox Hate, Steps Back From Brink

Beit Shemesh was a symbol of ultra-Orthodox intolerance just a year ago. The town has retreated from the brink of conflict and a tenuous calm has taken hold.


Gaga Goes Mainstream as Israeli Dodgeball Game Becomes Fad

Gaga, an addictive Israeli dodgeball-style game, is spreading from Jewish summer camps and day schools to the rest of America. Plus, it’s a great workout

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