Jewish Groups Turn a Cold Shoulder To Turkey, as Turks Refuse To Budge

“The relations are going off the cliff,” one Jewish leader warned. “It’s getting worse by the day,” another added. A member of Congress spoke of a “chasm” between Israel and Turkey, and a Turkish government official was the most colorful of all. “Relations between Israel and Turkey,” he said, “resemble two Formula 1 race cars facing each other and going to crash.”


New Restitution Effort for Forgotten Holocaust Heirs

Thousands of American Jews have assets in Israel they don’t know about, according to a new Israeli campaign for the restitution of Holocaust victims’ property.

By the Ocean, as a Famous Name Returns, Mostly Memories Remain

In mid-20th-century Atlantic City, there was nothing like Teplitzky’s for the Jewish tourist. Mostly, those tourists came from Philadelphia, Baltimore or New York, maybe for a week, maybe for a weekend, maybe only for Cousin Sammy’s wedding.

U.S. Attorney’s Office Decries Being Depicted as ‘Nazis’ by Rubashkin’s Supporters

In an unusual move, prosecutors in the trial of kosher meatpacking executive Sholom Rubashkin have publicly decried a “concerted campaign” by Rubashkin’s defenders that they said aimed to portray them as “racists, Nazis, and zealots.”

In Brooklyn, Passengers Aboard the Flotilla Ship Give Eyewitness Accounts

The deaths of nine Turkish nationals aboard the Mavi Marmara as it tried to breach the blockade of Gaza has brought a flood of attention to the coalition that co-sponsored the flotilla. But the deaths have also brought to light apparent contradictions between the public aims of the coalition and the views of some of its members, who reject Israel’s legitimacy and the principle of nonviolence.

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