British Lawmaker Gets 'Dirty Pig' Death Threats for Being Jewish

A member of Britain’s Parliament said he has received death threats because he is Jewish.


Yeshiva U. Plan To Shed Albert Einstein Money Pit Collapses

Yeshiva’s plan to shed its money-losing Albert Einstein medical school has collapsed. Financial analysts say the failed deal could exacerbate the university’s fiscal woes.


Will Chabad Rethink Open Door Policy After 'I Will Kill Jews' Attack?

Will Chabad rethink its open door policy after a visibly agitated man walked in, reportedly yelled “Kill the Jews!” and immediately stabbed a young student in the head?


20 French Theaters Blasted for Hosting 'Quenelle' Comic Dieudonne

The umbrella group of French Jewish communities condemned 20 theaters that plan to host the overtly anti-Semitic one-man show of comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.


Spanish University Pulls Exhibit With Bogus Ariel Sharon Quotes

A public university in Madrid dismantled an exhibition that attributed false quotes about killing Palestinian children to Ariel Sharon.

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