Steinhardt Must Return $500,000 in Gains

A Delaware judge has ordered hedge fund manager Michael Steinhardt to return $500,000 in profits earned from trades made using confidential information.

Clergy Push Debbie Friedman Song

A year after Debbie Friedman’s death, the legendary singer and composer’s version of “Shalom Aleichem” is gaining popularity among clergy and congregants.

Crimson Tide's Jewish Secret Weapon

Alabama’s football team won the national championship on the gridiron. But some say the Crimson Tide couldn’t have done it without band announcer Robert Levin.

Redistricting Ax Could Fall on Ackerman

Powerful Rep. Gary Ackerman could be in trouble in New York’s once-a-decade redistricting drama. If his seat is eliminated, he might have to run against Republican Bob Turner.

Jack Lew Named White House Chief of Staff

Jacob (Jack) Lew, an Orthodox Jew, will be taking over as the White House Chief of Staff, a position considered to be closest to the President’s ear. Lew’s appointment was announced Monday, shortly after news broke that the current chief of staff William Daley is stepping down.

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