Rabbis Shape Up

Rabbis are not generally known for having buff physiques. They’re valued more for the strength of their sermons than for what they can bench-press at the gym. And judging by the way things look at many rabbi conventions, moral fitness often takes precedence over physical fitness.

Feisty: Ronna and Beverly promote a dating guide.

Jewish Sitcom Searches for a Home

It’s Showtime — at least temporarily — for two fictional yentas from the Boston area. “Ronna & Beverly,” a comedy about a pair of self-proclaimed Jewish romance experts, will air on December 29 on the Showtime channel, in a broadcast that the characters’ creators hope may lead to a series elsewhere on TV.

Conservatives Wooing Traditionally Liberal Canadian Jews

Canadian Jews, long loyal to the country?s Liberal Party, are the new swing vote in the election for a closely divided parliament. A mass mailing by the Conservative Party to Jewish districts in major cities charges the Liberals are undermining Israel. It may be working, say experts.

Recognized: Merryl Tisch

Honoring Tradition

When 6-foot-2-inch Clint Eastwood greeted me with “Hello, sweetheart!” he made my day! We were at the December 1 Museum of the Moving Image Salutes Clint Eastwood gala following an advance screening of his latest opus, “Invictus,” at the Paris Theatre. Award presenters Kevin Bacon, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Marcia Gay Harden and Hilary Swank praised Eastwood as both director and an actor.

Joint Exercise: Israeli soldiers train near the coastal city of Ashdod in October, part of the largest missile defense dry run ever held. Some 1,400 American soldiers were also involved.

U.S.-Israeli Arms Cooperation Quietly Growing

Leaders in Washington and Jerusalem have publicly locked horns over the issue of West Bank settlements. And Israeli public opinion has largely viewed America’s new administration as unfriendly. But behind the scenes, strategic security relations between the two countries are flourishing.