Rabbi Lauds Bahrain King Despite Abuses

Prominent New York Rabbi Marc Schneier has returned from the Bahrain claiming a major advance in Jewish dialogue with Islam: a promise by the Gulf state’s ruler to convene a first ever meeting of religious leaders from both faiths in the kingdom.


American Enclave Stands Up to Extremists

The ultra-Orthodox picked the wrong Israeli town to pick a fight. American immigrants are fighting back against harassment and gender segregation in Beit Shemesh.


Ron Paul's Success Has Some Worried

Ron Paul was once viewed as a cranky distraction in the GOP race. Now that he’s on top in the Iowa polls, some are worried about his views on Israel and his extremist supporters.


Private Owner of Washington's Letter

Richard Morgenstern thrives on privacy. The owner of George Washington’s famed letter to the Jews refuses to say what role he plays in keeping it out of sight for a decade.


Israeli Circumcision Experts Head to Africa

Israeli doctors gained experience circumcizing large numbers of adults when Russians arrived en masse. That expertise is proving invaluable as Africa battles AIDS.

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