Aviva Sufian Listens and Learns as White House's First Holocaust Survivor Envoy

Aviva Sufian is the first-ever White House House envoy for Holocaust survivor services. She is learning by speaking to survivors, service providers and not-for-profit groups.


Abe Foxman, 'Jewish Pope,' Retires From ADL — and Communal World Gasps

Not many leaders are ubiquitous enough to be dubbed the ‘Jewish pope.’ That’s why Abe Foxman’s retirement announcement has sent shock waves through the community.

Jewish Woman Is New Face of Intermarriage, Pew Study Data Reveals

Intermarriage once meant Jewish men marrying blond all-American women. New data from the Pew study says Jewish women are now more likely to wed outside the faith.


AIPAC in Disarray After Iran Sanctions Setback

The highlight of AIPAC’s year is the final day of its annual policy conference. But after its setback on Iran sanctions, the pro-Israel lobby is in disarray as the event nears.


Adina Bar Shalom, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's Daughter, Weighs Israel Presidential Run

EXCLUSIVE: It wasn’t just a rumor. Adina Bar Shalom, the ultra-Orthodox daughter of the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is seriously considering a run for the Israeli presidency.

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