Ultra-Orthodox Schools Resist Mandate on Vegetables, Fearing Kosher Violation

Getting schoolchildren to eat green vegetables is tough. Getting ultra-Orthodox schools to serve leafy greens in school lunches could soon become impossible.


The Only Jewish Burmese Python Hunter in Florida

Dave Leibman isn’t your typical south Florida Jew. The self-proclaimed ‘redneck’ is an avid python-hunter and bagged four of the giant Burmese snakes in a just completed Everglades hunt.


Federal Court Refuses To Block New York Circumcision Consent Form Law

Proponents of metzitzah b’peh were reeling after a court refused to block a New York law requiring parental consent for the controversial circumcision rite.


After Islamist Threat Repelled, Spotlight Hits ‘Jews’ of Fabled Timbuktu

Timbuktu, the scene of recent fighting, is not often thought of as an outpost of Jewish life. But 1,000 descendants of Jews who converted to Islam live near the Sahara Desert city.


Israeli Consul Claims Two Critical Oscar Nominees Prove Diversity of Opinion

Israel’s consul general tried to put the best face on its two Oscar-nominated documentaries. He said the films, which both harshly criticize Israel, showcase the country’s open debate.

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