New Israeli Legislation Aims To Change Definition of Rape To Include Male Victims

For years, Israeli child-protection officials have looked on in despair as female pedophiles and incestuous mothers brought to court for molesting boys were never even charged with rape.

Hollywood Insiders Form Group To Counter Celebrity BDS Campaigns

The performing arts have emerged as a field in which BDS campaigns have yielded strong and very public results. But now, one group is fighting back.


Jewish Charity Scandals Tied to Long Tenures and Weak Oversight

Several scandals have hit New York’s top Jewish charities this year. Experts blame lax oversight and multi-decade leadership tenures common among Jewish charity CEOs.


Rise of Austria's Far-Right Seen Through Eyes of Lone Jewish Lawmaker

David Lasar is the lone Jewish lawmaker from Austria’s resurgent far-right party. He stands behind its populist message, even though the community rejects the group as neo-Nazi.


Rules on Screening for Sex Offenders Vary Widely at Jewish Schools

Is it safe to hire a man convicted of abusing children to teach college students? At Jewish institutions of higher education, a patchwork of policies and practices makes that question hard to answer.

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