Yeshiva U. Victims Stare Down School's Lawyers in Showdown Over $380M Suit

Emotions bubbled up as former Yeshiva U. high school students who claim they were abused confronted lawyers for the school face-to-face in court for the first time.


Coney Island's Sea Gate Still Defenseless After Sandy — By Its Own Choice

Brooklyn’s Sea Gate community is more vulnerable to Sandy-style devastation than ever. So why did the neighborhood turn down a chance to protect itself?

Rabbi Abraham Skorka's Dialogue With Future Pope Francis Started With Soccer

Pope Francis began an extraordinary dialogue with Rabbi Abraham Skorka 15 years ago. Now, a friendly jibe about soccer might change interfaith relations for good.


Telling Story of Job at Sandy-Ravaged Synagogue in Rockaways

In a synagogue still struggling to recover from Sandy, some star power came bearing a Biblical story of hope.

Asher Lopatin Gets Less-Than-Warm Welcome From Orthodox World

Asher Lopatin knew gaining acceptance for Open Orthodoxy would be tough. But the new leader of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah is dismayed by the severity of the attacks.

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