Who Earns What at America's Biggest Jewish Non-Profits

Who runs the Jewish communal world and how much do they make? Is it too much, or too little? The Forward’s 2013 salary survey has all of the answers.


Women Leaders of Jewish Non-Profits Remain Scarce Even as Pay Gap Narrows

We know that the few women who run Jewish non-profits earn far less than men. Analysis shows it’s not why you think.

The Most Overpaid and Underpaid Jewish Charity Chiefs

New research shows a surprising factor in CEO salaries. It’s not about how large the group is — it’s about the power of the leader’s brand name.


Why Do Women’s Salaries Still Lag Behind?

Women earn only 66 cents on the dollar compared with men. But what exactly does this mean? A Wharton statistician explains how he crunched the numbers.


Jewish Artists Incorporating Science Into Their Displays Offer Critical Perspective

Talented Jewish artists are using technology to create pieces that offer a critical perspective on an increasingly digital world.

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