East Jerusalem Suffers Economic Tailspin

Thanks to Israeli checkpoints and a separation barrier, East Jerusalem is virtually cut off from its customer base. The result is a seemingly endless economic tailspin.


Presbyterians Split on Israel Boycott

Presbyterians voted against divestment by a slim margin. But then they agreed to support a boycott of products made in Israeli settlements on the West Bank.


Israel Improves Human Trafficking Record

Crackdowns on pimps and forced labor have helped Israel improve on a U.S. ranking of how well countries are addressing human trafficking issues.


Jewish Groups Grab Huge Share of Grants

Jewish groups were awarded a staggering 97% of the cash doled out to non-profits by the Department of Homeland Security, raising new questions about the program.


Presbyterians Move Toward Israel Divestment

The Presbyterian church is on the brink of approving a long-debated measure to divest church funds from three companies that do business with Israel.

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