Rory Lancman Vies To Replace Ackerman

The race to replace New York Rep. Gary Ackerman could play out as a contest between Jewish and Asian constituencies in a newly shaped Queens district.

Hotel Heir's Murder Sparks Miami Feud

The murder mystery gripping Miami features a slain hotel heir who loved Batman memorabilia and his ex-stripper widow, who’s accused of setting up his slaying.

Migron Is Symbol of Broken Promise

Illegal unauthorized settlements like Migron on the West Bank were supposed to be dismantled years ago. So why are they still there, despite Israeli promises?


Two Babies Sickened by Circumcision Rite

Two New Jersey infants were sickened after they contracted herpes from a mohel who performed a controversial circumcision rite known in Hebrew as metzitzah b’peh.


AIPAC Not Just for Jews Anymore

AIPAC isn’t just for Jews anymore. As the group seeks to expand the pro-Israel tent, blacks, Latinos and evangelical Christians are all part of a growing coalition.

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