How Historic Interview Was Arranged

The Forward’s Larry Cohler-Esses travelled to Cairo to interview Hamas’s Mousa Abu Marzook earlier this month. There were no restrictions or ground rules.

Hamas Wouldn’t Honor a Treaty, Top Leader Says

FORWARD EXCLUSIVE: Mousa Abu Marzook, a top Hamas official, in his first interview with a Jewish publication, spoke about Israel relations, the Hamas Charter and the Arab Spring.


Raymond Aubrac, 97, Leader of Resistance

With Raymond Aubrac’s passing, France has lost a political and moral figure who helped redeem the nation’s past and stood witness to its present.

Fewer Israelis Immigrate to U.S.

Fewer Israelis are immigrating to the United States while more Israelis are returning home. Experts say it’s more about the economy than a push to lure Jews to Israel.


Iraqi Kurds Cool Ties to Israel

Iraqi Kurds have long been among Israel’s best, albeit shadowy, allies in the Middle East. But the stand-off with Iran has led to a cooling of ties.

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