ADL Under Fire For Study On Anti-Obama Extremists

Some conservatives are accusing the Anti-Defamation League of launching a partisan attack following its report asserting that a “current of anti-government hostility” has swept the United States in the year since Barack Obama was elected.

From America With Hate? Yaakov ?Jack? Teitel, an American immigrant, has been indicted in Israel on charges including murder.

Recent Arrests Spark Calls for Tighter Screening of Immigrants to Israel

Two high-profile arrests in Israel of immigrants in violent and shocking crimes have prompted calls in the Jewish state for far-reaching changes to immigration procedures.

Details Mag: Jews Are Smoking Hot

Congratulations, Jewish women: You are officially “the ethnic fetish du jour.” So says the men’s magazine Details, which bestows the dubious honor in an article in its December issue, informing readers that “America can’t get enough smoking-hot Semitic tush.”

Hanukkah Goes Heavy Metal

Hanukkah for most Jews is a time for latkes, family and friends, and maybe even a gift or two. But for the members of the heavy metal band Gods of Fire, it’s a time to rock your face off with some Hanukkah-themed metal ballads.

Shakira Adds Dose of Klezmer to New CD

Colombian singer Shakira, who has topped charts with her Spanish and English lyrics, samples Klezmer music on her new album, “She Wolf,” which debuted at 15 on a recent Billboard album chart.