Cemeteries Up Ante for Sunday Burials

Lightly regulated cemeteries in New Jersey charge big fees for Sunday burials. Since Jews cannot hold funerals on Saturday, that’s like a surcharge for dying late in the week.


Replica of Western Wall Planned in Kansas

Anti-abortion activists hope to erect a full-sized model of the Western Wall, framed with crosses, in Wichita. Jews say the replica is offensive and should never be built.


For Now, American Enclave Feels No Fear

Israeli second-grader Naama Margolese isn’t afraid to walk to school anymore. Her American-born mom calls that a big victory over extremism.


Most Brooklyn Abuse Cases Involve Kin

An analysis of child sex abuse cases in Brooklyn’s ultra-Orthodox community reveals that more than half involved family members or family friends, not rabbis or teachers.


Occupation Divides Israeli Protest Movement

Some leaders of the Israeli social justice movement believe it is critical to address the occupation of the West Bank. Others say broadening the protests’ focus will end its mass appeal.

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