Nazi War Criminal Loses Canada Citizenship

A Nazi-era war-crimes suspect has lost an appeal to keep his Canadian citizenship.

35% of Germans Equate Nazi and Israel Policies

A new study of German attitudes toward Israel showed an increase in Israel-related anti-Semitism among Germans.

Auschwitz Town Haunted by Death, Even 70 Years Later

Bogumila recalls how as a small girl growing up in the Polish town of Oswiecim she saw prisoners beaten by Nazi guards and watched with her mother the distant glow of the crematorium fires of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Can Ayelet Shaked Sell (Secular) Israel on the Far Right?

Ayelet Shaked is a young Tel Aviv mother of two. She’s also a secular star of Israel’s far right Jewish Home party, which is rising fast in the polls.


Michael Oren Lashes Out at Netanyahu — Now That They're Political Rivals

Michael Oren, once a close Netanyahu ally, has lashed out at the premier over his planned speech to Congress. Is Oren motivated by genuine concern —  or political maneuvering?

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