When Anti-Israel Activist Blasts Renoir, Media Sits Up and Takes Notice

Radical activist Max Geller finds the media usually ignores his attacks on Israel. But it’s a totally different story when he takes pot shots at iconic impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir.


Transgender Advocates Kvell Over Reform Vote

Advocates for gender equality at the Union for Reform Judaism’s biennial convention hailed the denomination’s unanimous voice vote supporting transgender rights.


As Reform Jews Gather, Some Good News in the Numbers

**While the 2013 Pew survey uncovered some disturbing evidence of lower levels of Jewish engagement among young people, the same survey contains several pieces of good news for Reform Jews — 5,000 of whom are gathering this week in Orlando, Florida, for the movement’s biennial conference organized by the Union for Reform Judaism.


Liberals Push Back Against Benjamin Netanyahu's Fence-Mending Effort

Benjamin Netanyahu plans to speak at the liberal Center for American Progress during his upcoming U.S. visit as part of an effort to rebuild bridges with Democrats. Some liberals say he should be shown the cold shoulder.


Is Evangelical Group a Useful Ally in BDS Fight — or Bigoted Albatross?

Proclaim Justice for the Nations has been one of the Jewish community’s most effective supporters in the anti-BDS fight. Yet this group is also responsible for vitriolic attacks against Muslims in America.

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