Want To Give to Jewish Charities? Don't Do It Over the Phone.

Want to donate to Jewish charities? Don’t do it over the phone. Of all the dollars telemarketers rake in for groups like B’nai Brith and the ADL, only a tiny percentage reaches charitable coffers.


From Pot to Pirates, Meet the Parties That Definitely Won't Win Israel's Election

Israel has a pro-pot party, one for Orthodox women and even a Pirate Party. In all, 14 tiny parties are running. With virtually no chance of winning any seats, why do they bother?

Should More Ashkenazi Jews Get Tested for Cancer-Causing BRCA Gene Mutations?

Should more Ashkenazi women get tested for the cancer-causing BRCA gene? Subsidized screenings are available for all — but doctors are divided on whether that’s the right approach.

French Jewish Teens Beaten Walking From Synagogue

Two Jewish teens in France were robbed and beaten after leaving their Marseille synagogue.


Liberals Aren't Alone in Growing Anger at Bibi — and Distrust of Israel

It’s not just liberals who are angry at Israel. Is moderate Sen. Tim Kaine’s decision to boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech a sign of unease spreading toward the political center?

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