Ornate Gravestones Tell Stories of Soviet Lives

Shunning homogeneity of gravestones, Jews from the former Soviet Union have turned to highly polished ornate granite, embossed with flashy, laser-etched portraits of the departed.


5 Jewish Players To Watch as Hockey Season Starts

Jeff Halpern and four other Jews will hit the ice with the rest of the National Hockey League as the puck finally drops on a lockout-delayed season.


The Fast-Shifting Map of Jewish New York

Brooklyn’s brownstone neighborhoods and Boro Park are a stone’s throw away but worlds apart. The gulf illustrates the fast-shifting map of New York’s Jewish population.


Harlem's Good Ol' Days

Harlem is often thought of as a black neighborhood that was once Jewish. But for a time, it was shared by the two communities.


The Jewish Victim of Newtown Conspiracy Theorists

Gene Rosen didn’t do more than any neighbor would have on the day of the Sandy Hook school rampage. So why are ‘Truther’ conspiracy theorists taking aim at him?

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