Changing Face of New York Jewry

FORWARD SPECIAL REPORT: New York’s Jewish population is growing and changing. A new report suggests it is more Orthodox, less affluent and more conservative.


Black Firebrand Vies in Heavily Jewish District

New York City’s most radical city councilman is running to represent its most politically conservative Jewish community in the Congress. And he just might win.


N.Y. Jewish Population Grows to 1.5M: Study

The Jewish population of the New York area grew to 1.54 million, a jump of 9% in a decade, with fast-growing Orthodox communities leading the way, a new study shows.


U.S. Senate Wades Into Thorny 'Refugee' Question

Who should be counted as a Palestinian refugee? A new Senate bill could limit the definition to those displaced in the 1948 war, excluding the following generations.


Lone Struggle To Keep Tunisian Cemetery Alive

FORWARD VIDEO: Tunisia’s main Jewish cemetery is in disrepair. The Forward’s Nate Lavey tells of one man’s struggle to keep alive the memory of those buried there.

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