Israelis Divided Over Changing Anthem

Should Israel change ‘Hatikva’ to make it representative of the whole country, not just its Jewish residents? Across Israel, opinions are divided.


Australia Seeks Extradition of Molester

Australia reportedly plans to seek the extradition of an imprisoned former Jewish studies teacher to face charges of child abuse dating back nearly 20 years.

Patrilineal Jews Still Find Resistance

Nearly three decades after the Reform movement’s landmark decision to accept patrilineal Jews, the standard has yet to catch on with Conservative or Orthodox Jewry.


Bat Mitzvah Rite Turns 90

It was 90 years ago that Judith Kaplan read part of the week’s Torah portion, making her the first American girl to publicly celebrate her bat mitzvah.


Counter-Culture's Paul Krassner Nears 80

Paul Krassner still does stand-up comedy, though now it’s with a cane. And he still plays a ‘now-I-am-now-I-ain’t’ peek-a-boo with his Jewish identity.

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