Eyeing Deadline, France To Back Palestinian State If Peace Talks Fail

France warned on Friday it would recognize a Palestinian state if a final international effort to overcome the impasse between Israelis and Palestinians failed.


Can Women Make Up 50% of Israel's Coders By 2024?

Shecodes, a network of 4,000 women programmers, has a dream — that in a decade from now 50 percent of Israelis who code will be female.


Exactly One Jewish Group Supports the Keystone Pipeline. Others Stay Quiet.

Debate over the Keystone Pipeline has exposed differing Jewish communal priorities. Should we focus on national security, or on the battle against climate change?


Sarkozy Calls for 'No' Vote on 'Palestine' Motion

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy called on his party to vote against a motion in the French Parliament to recognize a Palestinian state.


Budapest Jews Split On Whistleblowing Leader With Colorful Past

An anti-corruption whistleblower elected to head the Budapest Jewish community has sparked a crisis among the highest officials of Hungarian Jewry at a time of heightened tensions with the government.

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