Hunting the Graveyards for America's Holiest Jews

The graves of the world’s great sages have served as spiritual magnets for centuries. Yet few know of the pilgrimages to holy Jews right here in America.


Some Fear Refugee Center Planned for Amsterdam's Jewish Heart

In Buitenveldert, a quiet residential area of the Dutch capital, special forces soldiers are watching over a Jewish school from inside unmarked cars.


Richard Lakin's Dream of Coexistence Through Education Dies With Him

Richard Lakin lived with a dream to use education to improve lives of both Jews and Palestinians in the Holy Land. The former Connecticut school principal’s dream died with him on Wednesday, October 27 when he succumbed to wounds suffered in a terror stabbing on a Jerusalem bus two weeks earlier.


Have Mets Finally Ditched the Ghost of Bernie Madoff by Reaching World Series?

With the New York Mets primed to take on the Kansas City Royals in the World Series tonight, it seems the team is finally freeing itself from the ghost of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.


Welcome to Haifa, the Israeli City That Refuses to Hate

While the rest of Israel and the Palestinian Territories are dragged into yet another bout of harrowing violence, Haifa has remained relatively calm. Naomi Zeveloff explores why.

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