Dazzling Torah Bells Spark Legal Battle for Touro Synagogue and Shearith Israel

A court fight between two of America’s oldest shuls started over a $7 million set of Torah bells. It may end with the eviction of the congregation from historic Touro Synagogue.

Repair the World’s New CEO David Eisner Boosts Volunteer Funding

Jewish not-for-profits are cutting back on pricey volunteering trips, but the new CEO of the organization charged with boosting these programs insists the field is still growing.

Orthodox Jewish Groups Exploit E-Rate Library Subsidy Program

FORWARD INVESTIGATION: Orthodox groups are turning internet cafes into cash by tapping a little known program called E-Rate. Who’s checking if they are really libraries?


Ed Koch, Fiercely Secular Jew, Takes Unique New York Style to Grave

Ed Koch ate shellfish and carried a photo of a Catholic cardinal for good luck. But he was a fiercely proud Jew, a contradictory legacy that was on full display at his funeral.


Max Kampelman, Voice for Soviet Jewry, Evolved But Never Changed

Max Kampelman was lauded as a talented negotiator and a voice for Soviet Jewry. Much less known is the profound evolution he underwent during his life.

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