Nach Waxman Sells Passion for Food at Manhattan Cookbook Store

Culinary bookseller Nach Waxman stocks a mouthwatering 13,000 titles at his Manhattan store. One of them includes his own famed recipe for brisket.

Orthodox Children Face Unchanging Milestones

The killing of Leiby Kletzky stunned all of us. Even after the slaying, the traditional rhythm of life continues for Orthodox children in Boro Park.


U.N. Official Answers Questions About Fierce Criticism of Israel

U.N. official Richard Falk posted a cartoon that many found anti-Semitic. He explains his fierce attacks on Israel and insists he’s no self-hating Jew.


New Push To Link Jewish Boomers to Community

Baby boomers are reaching retirement age, and for the Jews among them, the search is on for active and meaningful pursuits beyond the stereotypical retreat to South Florida for three decades of porch-side sunning. This, at least, is the viewpoint held by Stuart Himmelfarb and David Elcott, the brains behind B3 the Jewish Boomer Platform, a new organization that aims to work with Jewish institutions to help them engage boomers — individuals born between 1946 and 1964 — at the critical pivot between career and retirement.

Jews in Brooklyn and Houston Struggle With Tragedies

The two tragedies occurred 1,500 miles apart and in much different circumstances, but both united a community in shock, horror and grief.

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