'Shadow Jews' Outnumber Recognized Members of Tribe

The number of people who believe they are descendants of the Jews or the ancient Israelites about equals the number of officially recognized Jews.


Anti-Defamation League Picks Fresh Face Jonathan Greenblatt as New Chief

In a bold move, the century-old Anti Defamation League has chosen a young social entrepreneur as its new chief. Some see a sharp contrast with the departing Abraham Foxman.


Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, Revered Leader of America’s Black Jews, Dies at 81

Rabbi Hailu Moshe Paris, a revered leader of the Black Hebrew Israelites, has died at 81. Born in Ethiopia, his dignity won mainstream respect — and built interracial bridges.


Hungary Jewish Leader Gusztav Zoltai Denounced as 'Traitor'

For 22 years Gusztav Zoltai led Hungary’s Jewish community. For all his flaws, no one ever called him a traitor — until September.

British Labor Party Chief Slams 'Rise of Anti-Semitism'

British Labor Party leader Ed Miliband decried the rise of anti-Semitism in Great Britain and called for “a zero-tolerance approach to anti-Semitism in the UK.”

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