Dissenters on Panel Blast Study Claiming Palestinian Textbooks Don't Vilify Jews

Controversy quickly engulfed a new study on incitement in Palestinian textbooks. Israel blasted the report and some advisory panel members were blindsided by its release.


Palestinian Textbooks Don't Vilify Jews, New Study Reveals

Palestinians have long been accused of using school textbooks to teach hatred for Jews and Israel. A new U.S.-funded study says that’s not the case.


Ed Koch Remained Proudly Jewish to the End, Whether in Israel or New York

Ed Koch never hid his Jewish heritage. He wore it like a badge of honor, whether he was on the streets of New York or amid the intifada in Israel.


Advocates for Religious Pluralism in Israel Buoyed by Election Results

Proponents of religious pluralism in Israel are in a jubilant mood these days. They believe the surprise results of the elections may lead to greater acceptance of non-Orthodox Judaism.


Brooklyn College Blasted for Sponsoring Boycott Israel Event

In a January 31 letter, the congress members and mayoral candidates decried the department’s co-sponsorship of the February 7 event and urged its withdrawal “rather than send the message to [Brooklyn College] students and to the world that the divisive perspective offered by the organizing groups is Brooklyn College’s official view. “

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