Palestinian Protesters Throw Shoes, Eggs at Canadian Foreign Minister in Ramallah

Palestinian protesters threw shoes and eggs at Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird in Ramallah after he met with his Palestinian counterpart.


Inside the Heads, Hearts and Yarmulkes of Jewish Cops

The #BlackLivesMatter protests against police brutality have won the support of Jewish social justice activists. But how do Jewish cops cope with the conflict on the streets?


3 Palestinians Sorry for Torching German Synagogue

Three defendants on trial for an arson attack on the Wuppertal Synagogue last July have apologized in court.


Heartbreaking Last Texts of Kosher Supermarket Victim Yoav Hattab

One of the kosher supermarket terror victims reportedly pleaded with a friend to observe Shabbat in his heartbreaking final texts just minutes before the deadly carnage erupted.


Was Terror Compensation Cash Diverted to Orthodox Yeshivas?

A scrappy Jewish legal group won millions in compensation for victims of terror attacks. But did much of the cash wind up going to Orthodox yeshivas instead of its court fight?

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