Hummus Wars

Battles over the origins of hummus have raged across the Middle East for generations, with Israelis and Lebanese arguing over which group can claim rights to the first ever recipe and who makes the precious dip better. Recently, however, the war has reached new heights.

Power Player: Woody Allen and other Hollywood heavy- weights are hiring non-Jewish women for lead roles.

The L.A. Times: ‘Jewish Guys Heart Shiksas’

Who’s to blame for keeping Jewish women off the big screen? The answer: Jewish men, at least according to commenters on a Los Angeles Times blog.

?Tipping Point?: Barry Shrage touts the findings.

Birthright Leads to Jewish Marriages, Study Says

The donors who have sent more than 200,000 young Jews on free trips to Israel over the last decade have been rewarded with a bit of reassuring news: Those returning from the trips are more likely than their peers to marry other Jews.

As Virginia, New Jersey Elect Governors, a New Role for Women Pols

New Jersey and Virginia traditionally are the only states to vote for governor in the year after a presidential election, and so they are considered a referendum of sorts for a new administration in Washington. That’s one reason Democrats are so concerned this year about mobilizing usually reliable Jewish voters in these close races.

The Candidates: Democrat Bill Thompson, left, and Republican Michael Bloomberg.

With New York Picking a Mayor, the ‘Jewish Vote’ Is on the Wane

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has never worn his Jewish identity on his sleeve, but that doesn’t seem to have hurt him among New York City’s Jewish voters.