Getting Through the Holidays...With Prozac

Holidays have you down? Can’t escape the tinsel, carols and mall mobs? Well, neither can Steve Wasserman, which is why he created a Jewish Revisionist Advent calendar commissioned by the snarky Web site, to count down the days until the end of Christmas.

On the Record: Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby’s Jewish ‘Education’

Writer Nick Hornby recently spoke with the Forward’s Gabrielle Birkner about the cast of complicated characters in “An Education,” and responded to those critics who have charged that the film, for which he wrote the screenplay, plays on antisemitic stereotypes.


Dispelling 4%: Survey Finds Plurality of Israelis Views Obama Favorably

An August 2009 survey that found only 4% of Israelis believe President Barack Obama supports Israel has been haunting the White House and supporters of the president. The 4% figure became a symbol of Obama’s inability to communicate with the Israeli people and fostered the notion that the U.S. president is biased toward the Arab side. But a poll published December 10 seeks to dispel this notion by presenting new numbers regarding Israeli views on President Obama.


A Senator at Odds With His Constituents — And, Some Say, His Faith

On a recent Saturday afternoon, after completing his Sabbath morning prayers, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut braved a four-mile, snowy walk to the Capitol building from his Georgetown synagogue.

All in the Family: Irina Nevzlin directs her father?s charity to promote ?peoplehood.?

Russians Now Big Players in American Jewish Philanthropy

When hundreds of thousands of Jews began leaving the Soviet Union 20 years ago, American Jews looked at them the way a father beams at his children. Here was a large part of the tribe, almost lost to forced assimilation, now taking their first steps into a Jewish future. That paternalistic feeling only grew, as the immigrants, like all newcomers, needed a lot of help — to get settled, learn a language, navigate the realities of their new lives.