Only Palestinian Quits Israeli Muslim Outreach Program

A controversial Jerusalem program that aims to educate American Muslims about Judaism, Israel and Zionism has lost its sole Palestinian member.

7 Things About Benjamin Netanyahu's New Cabinet

Ayelet Shaked will be flexing her political muscles and Moshe Kahlon has the most to win or lose. Nathan Guttman offers a primer on Israel’s new cabinet.


Amid Asian Influx, Brandeis Sticks With Jewish Identity

(JTA) — When Jeff Wang was applying to U.S. colleges more than two years ago from his home near Shanghai, Brandeis University was a top choice.


Ultra-Orthodox Celebrate Rollback of Israel Draft Law

Ultra-Orthodox leaders have convinced Benjamin Netanyahu to roll back laws that would have required all Israelis to serve in the military. Yeshiva students are celebrating their victory — as secular opponents fume over perceived injustice.


Pamela Geller Vows To Repeat Muhammed Caricature Event After Attack

Firebrand Pamela Geller is vowing to push ahead with another event showcasing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed — even after radical gunmen attacked the first one.

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