American Cadets Visit Auschwitz in Search of Answers

A trip to Auschwitz brought American cadets face to face with evil. It also forced the future military officers to wrestle with questions of ethics and responsibility.


Hyman Bookbinder, 'Passionate Moderate,' Dies at 95

Hyman Bookbinder was an institution in Washington D.C. With a gift for compromise, the AJC leader built support for civil rights and Israel.


As Chefs Become More Observant, Kosher Menus Go Gourmet

From duck leg confit to homemade lamb bacon, observant Jewish chefs are bringing top-notch tastes to a new breed of kosher restaurants.


Christian Pro-Israel Group Stakes Claim on Right

An evangelical Christian group is America’s largest pro-Israel organization. Its voice is getting louder, and Israel’s traditional allies are taking notice.


Nach Waxman Sells Passion for Food at Manhattan Cookbook Store

Culinary bookseller Nach Waxman stocks a mouthwatering 13,000 titles at his Manhattan store. One of them includes his own famed recipe for brisket.

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