Kadima Bill: NGOs That Assist in War Crime Accusations Should Be Illegal

A little more than a year ago, the Israeli government announced that it would refuse to provide information to the United Nations for its Goldstone Report. Now, some Israeli politicians want to enact legislation that, were it in force then, would have made it illegal for civilian organizations to do so.

Rabbi David Forman, 65, Leading Human Rights Activist in Israel

Rabbi David Forman, 65, founder of the Israeli group Rabbis for Human Rights, died on May 3 in Dallas while awaiting a liver transplant. Forman, an American-born Reform rabbi, founded Rabbis for Human Rights in 1988, after the outbreak of the first Palestinian intifada. The organization runs educational programs to highlight Judaism’s teachings on human rights, acts as a pressure group to push the Israeli government on such issues and engages in direct action on behalf of Palestinians.

High School Students Object to AP Test’s Use of a Quote by Edward Said

Nearly 2 million high school students worldwide are taking Advanced Placement tests this May, hoping to impress college admissions counselors with high scores and, perhaps, earn a few college credits. But one test question citing the late Palestinian-American scholar and activist Edward Said on the theme of exile is prompting protests from some Jewish students.


Jewish Groups Spring Into Action To Offer Help to Nashville Flood Victims

Trent Rosenbloom returned from a trip to find his family’s Nashville, Tenn., home in ruins, many of his beloved possessions washed away and his minivan totaled.

Putting the Old in Old Testament

Israel’s government wants to put the “old” back into the Old Testament.

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