Israel Cat Fight Erupts as Minister Pushes to Deport Strays

Claws were out on Monday after an Israeli cabinet minister proposed sending stray dogs and cats to another country as an alternative to government-funded efforts to sterilize them.


When Reform Leaders Downplay Charges of Rabbis Behaving Badly

Many allegations trailed Eric Siroka to Seattle. But the reason for his expulsion from the Reform rabbinate never reached his new community. Now, some question Reform Judaism’s handling of such cases.


Blind Supreme Court Justice To Run NYC Marathon

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein was born blind. He explains why — and how — he runs marathons anyway.

In Rabin Square, Few Lessons From the Murder of a General Turned Peacemaker

Two decades after Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, Israelis find themselves further than ever from the future of peace he sought to forge. Many find it hard to even visit the Tel Aviv square named for the slain prime minister.


Will Jerusalem Violence Kill Egalitarian Prayer Plan for Western Wall?

The proposed egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall, which was meant to serve non-Orthodox Jews worldwide, looks like the latest casualty of the terror wave hitting Israel.

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