Yeshiva U. Cedes Control of Half Its Endowment To Shed Its Einstein Liabilities

EXCLUSIVE: Yeshiva gave away almost $500 million to Montefiore hospital in a deal to shed money-losing Albert Einstein medical school. Why did the financially troubled university agree to such lopsided financial terms?


Despite BDS Hype, Campus Anti-Israel Activity Dips by 15%

A new study shows that anti-Israel events on university campuses are down and pro-Israel events are up. But the BDS movement is enlarging its platform by joining forces with other groups.


Miami JCC Scraps 'Troublesome' Play About Israel

A Jewish community center theater in Miami has canceled performances of a play about Israel following complaints from some community members that its message was “inappropriate and troublesome.”


Sheldon Adelson's Still on the Sidelines: The GOP Asks Why?

The casino mogul is keeping his cards close to his vest as Donald Trump dominates the Republican primary field. Will his commitment and cash come too late to make a difference?


ADL Forges Partnership With European Group Led by Crony of Vladimir Putin

Facing a troubling surge in anti-Semitism in Europe, the Anti-Defamation League has entered a partnership with a powerful, and at the same time controversial, European Jewish organization.

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