Are Jewish Non-Profits Targeted by IRS Over Ties to Israel?

The IRS is reeling from allegations it improperly scrutinized Tea Party groups. Jewish not-for-profits also say they’ve encountered strongarm tactics over their with ties to Israel.


Getting In Face of Ultra-Orthodox on Need for Real World Education

Many ultra-Orthodox Jews never get the skills they need for the real world. A new push urges them to take matters in their own hands, even where Talmud is only game in town.


Tapping Into Growing Lure of Hidden Jewish Heritage Online

More and more people are fascinated by their possible Jewish ancestry. A new site focuses on finding genetic links to the tribe — sometimes exposing family secrets in the process.


As First Maharats Graduate, Roles for Orthodox Women Take Leap Forward

The graduation at Yeshivat Maharat was no ordinary cap-and-gown ceremony. Rather, it was history in the making for Orthodox women.


Unlikely Radicals Take Aim at Corporate Jewish Burial Business

A new breed of Jewish activists wants to retake control over death practices. Burial society zealots want to push aside the funeral home industry and restore power of communities.

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