J Street Goes After John Hagee

The public debate that erupted surrounding attacks by the Im Tirtzu organization in Israel against the New Israel Fund has now ignited a secondary fire: J Street against Christians United for Israel, and vice versa.

Jewish Designers Strike a Pose

‘Every spring, the women of New York leave the foolish choices of their past behind and look ahead to the future. This is known as fashion week,” fictitious fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) says in the movie “Sex and the City.”

The Werewolf’s Jewish Roots

The man credited with creating the modern werewolf sometimes thought of the monster as a Jew. “It reminds me a bit of myself,” Jewish screenwriter Curt Siodmak once said of the beast in his 1941 horror classic, “The Wolf Man,” which returns to the big screen February 12 in a remake.

An Israeli Competes for an ‘American Idol’ Title

She has the name of an Israeli, but the voice — maybe — of the next American Idol.

IDF Turns To Human Rights Watch for Help

As human rights organizations continue to be vilified by an Israeli government still smarting from the effects of the Goldstone Report, the Forward has learned that the Israeli military has been in conversation and even actively working with Human Rights Watch, the international organization that has been often — and loudly — denounced by the Jewish world.

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