Israeli Politicians Court American Donors

Israeli politicians have found a reliable funding base in wealthy American Jews. We track the flow of cash from Miami and New York to Tel Aviv.

Hynes Is Late To Push for Mandate Law

Brooklyn prosecutor Charles Hynes says he is pushing a new law that would force rabbis to report abuse. Lawmakers say he is late in the legislative game.


Charles Hynes Fires Back at Critics and Brooklyn Orthodox Leaders

Battling for his legacy, Brooklyn prosecutor lashes out at Orthodox leaders. He insists he won’t back down over child sex abuse in a landmark Forward interview.


Police Won't Run Brooklyn Watch Program

A $1 million state-funded program that will place 150 security cameras in Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn neighborhoods will be run by community volunteers, not the police.

Israeli Anger Over 'African' Crime Wave

A crime wave blamed on Africans has stoked long-standing hostility among Israelis. The backlash has exploded in violence on the streets of Tel Aviv.

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