Holding up: Former workers at Agriprocessors (far left and right), march with Father Paul Ouderkirk (second from right), the priest at St. Bridget?s Catholic Church in Postville, Iowa, during an event earlier this year marking the one-year anniversary of the Postville immigration raid.

Agri Workers In Limbo After Rubashkin’s 2nd Trial Is Dropped

For the past year, nearly 40 undocumented immigrants from Latin America have been kept in the United States for one reason: to testify against their former bosses at the Agriprocessors kosher meat plant.


What’s Behind The FBI’s Hate Crime Report?

The latest report from the FBI contained alarming news: There were 1,013 cases of hate crimes motivated by anti-Jewish bias in 2008 — an increase from the previous year, and the highest number of hate crimes against Jews reported since 2001.

Biblical sounds: Instruments on display at the Tulsa museum include a gittith, top; pipe, middle, and the pa?amonim (bells), bottom.

The Gittith and Uggav Play Again in Tulsa

From the beginning, Jews have been a musical people. When God parted the Red Sea, what did Miriam do? She played the timbrel. When Saul was troubled by evil spirits, he called for David to play the harp. King David, in fact, was known as a great musician, and many of the psalms are attributed to him. Psalm 8 begins with an invocation to play a particular instrument: “To the conductor, on the gittith, a song of David.”

Senate Lion: A primary will be held for a successor to the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

In Kennedy Race, Jewish Vote Divided

Massachusetts has the highest percentage of Jews outside the tristate New York area, and its Jewish community is known as one of the most politically active in the country. So, as the state’s Democrats get ready to select their replacement for the late Senator Edward Kennedy, why is the Jewish voice barely heard?

Day of Unrest: Israeli police create a barrier in front of 2,000 ultra-Orthodox protesters who demonstrated outside one of Intel?s plants in Jerusalem on November 21. They were protesting the company?s decision to operate on Saturdays.

Despite Protests, Mainstream Haredi Leaders Talk About Sabbath Work Deal

On the surface, it looks as though Jerusalem is caught in a battle between old and new, as high-tech companies open factories with coveted jobs, while leaders of the large ultra-Orthodox population are adamant that the plants remain idle on Saturdays in observance of the Sabbath.