Arabs Vote for Change in Election Derided by Many

Israeli Arabs who voted said they did so to take advantage of the chance to speak out. Countless others stayed home amid widespread lethargy over the prospect of any real change.


Parents Face Dilemmas When Jewish Schools Close

As more Jewish schools shut their doors, families face wrenching decisions about what comes next for their chilldren. They are dilemmas shaped by both belief and economic class.


Obama Gives Iran Clues in Soaring Inaugural Speech

President Obama offered a fleeting clue to his Iran strategy in a soaring inaugural speech. He suggested that direct engagement with the mullahs might be on the cards.


Nazi's 'Righteous' Sister Has Belgium Rethinking Shoah

The sister of Belgium’s top Nazi helped hide Jews from the Holocaust. Her story has prompted a reassessment of the country’s failure resist the German occupation.

Rising Chorus Backs Israeli Annexation of West Bank

A rising chorus of right-wing Israelis are calling for the annexation of the occupied West Bank. The extreme option is even gaining strength within the ruling Likud party.

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