Shul's Out Forever? Millennials Customize and Curate Faith To Create Their Own Judaism

New York’s Jews are finding creative new ways to connect with Judaism independent of synagogues – from musical Shabbats for young families in an upscale Brooklyn condo building to pot luck suppers and lots of singing with hundreds of 20-and-30-somethings around the corner; and from a monthly Ecstatic Mincha that pairs dancing with prayer to a private Kol Nidre service for Russian families on the Upper East Side.


Lightning Rod Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Is Mostly Backed by Jewish Donors

Hillary Clinton parried a pointed question at this week’s debate about ‘wealthy financiers’ backing a super PAC that supports her. Will Bernie Sanders continue to make her reliance on big-money donors — most of whom are Jewish — a key issue in their Democratic primary dogfight?


Conservative Prayer Book Reaches Out to Diverse New Generation

There’s no more ‘Lord’ and ‘Master’ in the new prayer book for the Conservative movement. The updated siddur uses modern language and context designed for broader appeal, but also includes traditional passages it had ignored in the past.


Who's Kvelling Over Bernie Sanders? It's a Millennial Thing.

With his win in New Hampshire, Senator Bernie Sanders has officially become the first Jew to win a U.S. presidential primary.


When ‘Angel’ Crushed by Crane Was a Jewish Boy Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain

When David Wichs was just 11 years old, he was already wise beyond his years. Author Yale Strom recalls the boy who taught him about growing up Jewish in Prague — two decades before he perished in last week’s freak accident in lower Manhattan.

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