Clinton, Sanders To Debate In Brooklyn Ahead of New York Primary

Hillary Clinton has agreed to a face-off with Bernie Sanders in Brooklyn after the Vermont senator accused her of being a debate dodger.

A Jewish Voter’s Guide to the Candidates as Wisconsin Votes

By this point, the five main presidential candidates still standing have uttered oceans of words on their foreign policy views.

The Secret Role Donald Trump’s Jewish Son-In-Law Plays in White House Campaign

Before introducing Donald Trump to roughly a dozen Republican lawmakers at the Washington law offices of Jones Day, U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions paused to acknowledge the man he said had facilitated the closed-door talks.


The New Yorker Goes to Brooklyn for ‘Hipster or Hasid’ Cover

This week’s New Yorker cover taps into the visual similarities between two very different types of Brooklyn dwellers: Hasidic Jews and hipsters.

Donald Trump Skips Grandson’s Bris as Campaign Heats Up

Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump skipped his new grandson’s bris to continue campaigning in Wisconsin.

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