Deep in Prayer: Chani Getter, 32, has become a charismatic speaker at Nehirim retreats.

Haredi and Out of the Closet

For the first 20 years of her life, Chani Getter was no different from the other girls in the Nikolsburg Hasidic sect in Monsey, N.Y. As the second of five children, she earned good grades at school and had close friends. At age 17, she was introduced to her future husband, also 17, and after one meeting the wedding date was set.

Cross-Denominational Grant to Help Train Jewish Educators at 3 Schools

A San Francisco foundation with a focus on funding Jewish education is giving nearly $11.5 million to Yeshiva University, the Jewish Theological Seminary and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion for individual and cooperative projects.

Killed: A TV spot by Masa, funded by the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency, that urged Israelis to call a hotline with details on individual Diaspora Jews in danger of assimilation.

An $800,000 Israel Ad Campaign to Save ‘Lost’ Diaspora Jews Falls Flat And Dies

A bungled ad campaign that urged Israelis to phone a hotline and report details on individual Diaspora Jews whom they fear will assimilate involved an outlay of around $8,000 per name received, the Forward has learned.

Israel’s Lady Madonna

What has blond hair, a fancy for Kabbalah and causes Facebook newsfeeds throughout the Middle East to be bombarded by status updates? If you said Dimona, you’re close. It’s Madonna, and if it seemed as though her two recent shows at the end of her “Sticky and Sweet” tour brought Israel to a standstill — well, they almost did.

Fab Five: The Beatles and manager Brian Epstein will be depicted in the upcoming film ?A Life in the Day.?

For the Benefit of Mr. Epstein

No disrespect to Beatles’ producer George Martin, but Paul McCartney made one thing clear in a 1997 BBC interview. “If anyone was the fifth Beatle,” McCartney said, “it was Brian [Epstein].”