Proposed Unity Pledge Spurs More Debate

A proposed pledge to quiet partisan attacks over Israel is going nowhere. Both sides of the debate say the other wants to stifle debate and undercut support for the Jewish state.


Perfume 'Nose' Conjures Up Perfect Scents

Sophia Grojsman is a legendary ‘nose’ in the perfume business. With an uncanny sense of smell, she helps industry giants like Chanel and Lancome create the perfect scents.

JCPA Delays Action on Campus Civil Rights

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs board delayed action on a resolution that warned groups against using federal civil rights laws in response to anti-Israel activities on college campuses.


Washington's First Letter to Jews Is Lost

George Washington wrote three famed letters to American Jews assuring them of their place in the new nation. The one to a congregation in Savannah, it seems, has been lost to time.


Shalit Deal Shows Culture of Two Nations

Many Israelis cheered the deal to free Gilad Shalit even though scores of hardened terrorists were freed. The U.S. has a different approach to prisoner exchanges with enemies.

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