U.S. Senate Wades Into Thorny 'Refugee' Question

Who should be counted as a Palestinian refugee? A new Senate bill could limit the definition to those displaced in the 1948 war, excluding the following generations.


Voodoo and Grave-Selling Irk Cemeteries

The biggest problems for Jewish cemeteries: Dead-of-night voodoo, kids who want to sell their parents’ grave sites, and who’s going to run them when the current generation dies.

Jewish Cemetery Head Earns Fat Salary

The president of a New Jersey cemetery is among the highest paid Jewish communal executives in the nation. Herbert B. Klapper was forced out of three New York posts several years ago.


Tunisian Jews Seek Place in New Order

As Tunisia struggles to emerge from decades of dictatorship, the small Jewish community is seeking its place in the new order. Nate Lavey went to find out how it’s going.

Conservatives Skip Kiddushin in Gay Rite

In a new gay marriage rite, Conservative rabbis altered the kiddushin. Some gays are happy to be rid of the part of a ceremony in which one partner literally acquires the other.

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