G.A.’s Savior Is the Russian Oligarch ‘Who Got Away’

In his lively introduction of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the recent General Assembly in Washington, Leonid Nevzlin reminded the audience just how unexpected and unusual a role this was for him.

Kosher Clean-up: A worker hoses down crates outside the current slaughterhouse in the Hasidic enclave of New Square.

Hasidic Village’s Neighbors Have Slaughterhouse Blues

Evelyn Moses’s family has owned the unincorporated plot of land on which she lives, an hour drive north of New York City, for decades. When she inherited it in 1994, it was surrounded on all sides by trees, with a small dirt road running alongside it. “Nice country living,” she said.


Former Agriprocessors CEO Rubashkin Sent to Prison

Sholom Rubashkin, a former executive at the Agriprocessors kosher meat company, was found guilty of 86 counts of bank fraud committed while managing the company’s finances — a verdict that could land him in prison for life.

Pious Swaying: Worshipers in the crowd moved their hands back and forth as they celebrate Sigd, a festival that marks a recommitment to the Torah. A crowd about 10,000 gathered in Jerusalem for the prayers, speeches and celebration. Sigd was a national holiday in Israel for the first time this year.

Ethiopian Jews Celebrate a Festival, Gain Israeli Attention for Their Traditions

It looked like a scene straight out of the Bible. The men at the front wore outfits based on those of the Priests of the Ancient Temple of Jerusalem, and sent out over the hills a wail that could be heard several miles away.

Sound It Out: The Magic Yad software application captures handwritten notes and links audio to them. (click for larger)

A New Yad for the Bar-Mitzvah Set

A ceremonial yad, or Torah pointer, is a traditional gift for a bar or bat mitzvah. But a new technological innovation aimed at helping children learn their Torah and Haftarah portions represents a new kind of competition for this classic ritual item.