3 Jewish Things About Each of the Leading Presidential Candidates as Iowa Nears

On Monday, Iowans will gather to launch the 2016 presidential election with an arcane ritual — the caucus.

Cyber Attack on Israel's Power Grid Rattles Officials

The Israel Electric Corp. is dealing with “one of the largest cyber attacks that we have experienced,” the country’s energy minister said.


Israeli Defense Chief Says ISIS 'Enjoyed Turkish Money for Oil'

Israel’s defense minister said on Tuesday that Islamic State militants had been funded with ‘Turkish money’, an assertion that could hinder attempts to mend fences between the two countries after years of estrangement.


Bibi Says U.N. Chief's Criticism of Settlements 'Bolsters Terrorism'

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday slammed Israel’s settlement activities as “provocative acts” that raise questions about its commitment to a two-state solution amid growing Palestinian frustration over nearly 50 years of occupation.


The 'Jewyorican' Mom Who Skewers Michael Bloomberg on Twitter

In 2011, when Hurricane Irene was bearing down on New York City, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg took to the airwaves to warn New Yorkers, in English and in Spanish, to take the necessary precautions and stay safe.

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