Top Lawyer Takes Yeshiva Abuse Case

Attorney Kevin Mulhearn recently won a settlement in the explosive sexual abuse case against Brooklyn’s prestigious Poly Prep school. Now he’s taking aim at Yeshiva University.


Israel Hopes To Reclaim Share of Diamond Trade

Israel has a long love affair with the diamond industry. It’s hoping to recapture a share of the cutting and polishing business that has moved to India and China.


Ellis Island Still Closed After Sandy

Months after Sandy struck, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty are still closed. Officials offer no timetable for reopening the iconic American landmarks.

Beate Sirota Gordon Dies at 89

Beate Sirota Gordon, who enshrined equal rights for women in Japan’s post-World War II constitution and championed Asian arts programs, died at 89.

Laying Groundwork for Life After Syria's Assad

With Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s days looking numbered, Jewish and pro-Israel activists are seeking a plan for whatever comes next.

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