Ukraine Jews Cautiously Optimistic on Ceasefire

Leaders of Ukrainian Jewry reacted with cautious optimism to news that Russia and Ukraine have worked out an agreement designed to bring about a ceasefire along their border.

Why Israel Lobby Is Biggest Casualty of Feud Over Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech

Think relations with the White House are the biggest casualty of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech? Nathan Guttman explains why the pro-Israel lobby may have taken the worst hit of all.


Slain ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller's Idealistic Journey Ran Through Israel

Slain ISIS captive Kayla Mueller’s idealism led her to volunteer with a Palestinian human rights group. ‘Resistance lives,’ she wrote in 2010 while working to battle the Israeli occupation.


French Leader Says Blaming Jews for Israel Like Hating Muslims for ISIS

A senior member of France’s Socialist party defended his assertion that Jews who are targeted because of Israel are like Muslims who are targeted over ISIS.


Does New York Jewish Federation Bear Some Blame for String of Charity Scandals?

Scandal has hit four New York Jewish charities. And some are asking whether the local Jewish federation that helps fund them bears some responsibility.

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