Anniversary of WTC Attack To Prompt Rallies Amid Holy Days

The lunar calendars of two religions and the electoral cycle are coming into alignment with the controversy that has seized the nation, setting the stage for a political and religious drama on the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan on September 11.


West Bank Security Barrier Draws Artists and Advertisers

What many Israelis see as a security barrier, and many Palestinians see as a prison wall, Majd Abdel Hamid sees as a blank canvas.

High Holy Days Are Free at Some Shuls, And Worshipers Flock

When the waiting list for High Holy Day tickets reached 700, leaders of the downtown Sixth and I Historic Synagogue decided to look outside the box — in their case, to the Chinese Community Church across the street.


New Goldstone Follow-Up Probe Will Hold Hamas Accountable for First Time

A year and a half after Israel’s Gaza military operation — the focus of the United Nations’ damning Goldstone Report — a new investigation launched by the Human Rights Council and due in mid-September will finally examine what Hamas has done to account for its own role in the conflict.

Losing a Mentor, Gaining an Opponent

Three years ago, Naftali Bennett was celebrating with Benjamin Netanyahu. Bennett had just managed Netanyahu’s successful campaign in the Likud primaries, in which the former prime minister won a decisive victory over far-right challenger Moshe Feiglin, cementing his control over the party and paving the way for his return to the premiership.

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