Missing Guests at Abbas Dinner

When Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned American Jewish leaders that Israel had only a short time left to make peace, a few key Jews weren’t there to hear the message.


Famed 'New Hagaddah' Included Lifted Passages

Jonathan Safran Foer’s New American Haggadah failed to credit text lifted from another prominent haggadah. Admitting an error, the author has vowed to add citations in future editions.


Jewish Life Slowly Dying in Abkhazia

Abkhazia once had thriving communities of Georgian and Ashkenazi Jews. After years of war and feuding, just 200 remain in the balmy Black Sea enclave.

Jewish Numbers in Congress Set To Plunge

FORWARD PROJECTION: The number of Jews in the House and Senate is set to plummet. A Forward analysis projects just 31 Jews will be in the next Congress. SEE INTERACTIVE MAP.


How Green Can Your Sukkah Be?

There’s more than one way to build a sukkah. An environmentally conscious design competition drew versions made of black ash, inflatable inner tubes and even bales of hay.

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