Israel Plans to Raise the Famed Altalena

The sinking of the Irgun munitions ship has long been divisive. Some hope salvaging the vessel will bolster their view that attacking fellow Jews was a mistake.


Leiby Kletzky Murder Reignites Fight Over Reporting Abuse

After the murder of little Leiby Kletzky, one Orthodox group said Jews should consult a rabbi before reporting child abuse suspicions. Another said that stance could endanger kids.


Jewish Funds for Justice Loses Three Top Leaders

The Jewish Funds for Justice, a leading American Jewish organization focused on domestic economic and social policy, which recently merged with the Progressive Jewish Alliance, is losing three of its top executives just as it expands its public image and influence.

U.S. Critics of Islam Vow To Continue Activism After Oslo

Even after the Norway massacre, anti-Muslim activists in the U.S. have no plans to tone down their rhetoric. Did their movement inspire suspected killer Anders Breivik?


Massive Housing Protests Shake Israel Government

Sprawling protests over skyrocketing housing costs have shaken Israel’s government. Could this be the Israeli answer to the Arab spring?

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