Photo of Jew's Lynching Goes on Block

A warm-toned photo tells the grisly story of Leo Frank, the only Jew lynched in American history. It went on the auction block this week.


Netanyahu Planted Seeds for Early Vote at U.N.

Nobody outside Benjamin Netanyahu’s inner circle knew the real meaning of his tough-talking U.N. speech last month. Turns out, he was launching his snap reelection campaign.


Eric Cantor Takes Nothing for Granted

Eric Cantor, the only Republican Jewish congressman, represents a safe GOP district in Virginia. In an unpredictable campaign season, he’s still running hard to secure reelection.


Born on the Lower East Side

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to create dense apartment complexes filled with micro-units. Is it the tenement lifestyle, redux?


Politics at Ben Gurion May Eliminate Politics in Class

Israel’s education authority is advancing a plan to stop politics courses at Ben Gurion University and some academics see it as an ideological move against a left-leaning university department.

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