Pope Francis I Speaks on Holocaust, Israel and Jews in Only Book

Pope Francis I has only one book in print. It’s a fascinating no-holds-barred discussion with a rabbi about the church’s role in the Holocaust, its ties to Jews and Israel.


Yeshiva Rabbi Bluntly Warns Sex Abuse Reports Put Innocent Jews in Prison

A top Yeshiva University dean bluntly warned against reporting child sex abuse directly to police. Using the derogatory term ‘shvartze,’ he said Jews could wind up jailed with black inmates.


Benjamin Netanyahu Cobbles Together Israel Coalition of Rivals

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has successfully assembled a government. It has 68 seats and excludes ultra-Orthodox parties.


Controversial Panel on Israel Moved From Ansche Chesed After Rabbi Balks

A panel discussion on whether Israel is a democracy has been moved from one Manhattan synagogue to another, following an objection to the event from the first synagogue’s rabbi.


For Pope-to-Be, Choice of Name Means Plenty

The new pope who emerges from the secretive conclave in Rome will send Roman Catholics — and Jews — a potent message without saying a word. It’s all in the name.

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