From Crown Heights to Mississippi

To the untrained eye, ex-Hasids and Southern Jews don’t have much in common. But Malkie Schwartz knows much more unites them than divides them.

Brazen Anti-Semitism Sends French Jews Racing To Leave in Record Numbers

French Jews are facing rising hatred on the streets, in civil society and even at shuls. Soaring numbers are voting with their feet — and heading to Israel.


Jews Are Most-Loved Religious Group in America

Jews scored the highest on a new Pew study of how Americans feel about religious groups. Evangelical Christians show a particular affinity to the Tribe — although the feeling ain’t mutual.


Paris Police Hope To Ban Pro-Palestinian Rally

Paris police recommended that the city forbid pro-Palestinian activists from going ahead with plans to hold a massive anti-Israel protest.

50 Polish Righteous Cited as 'Lights in Darkness'

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull called 50 Holocaust-era rescuers of Jews “a light in the darkness” at a Warsaw reception in their honor.

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